One Direction to star in own cartoon series

One Direction are in talks to star in their own cartoon based on life in the band.

1D were recently immortalised through animation in a fan video, The Adventures of One Direction, which was uploaded to YouTube. The vid was written and animated by Mark Parsons, who felt there was a gap in the market for fan fiction written by males.

The video sees the boys don super hero outfits to save pussycats all over the world, after taking orders from a hologram of Simon Cowell of course.

Group member Liam Payne revealed that the lads were so impressed with the 2D cartoon online, they have contacted the animator about developing even more in the future.

Talking to American radio presenter Super Snake – yes that really is his name – Liam explained what he thought of the existing video. He said: “It’s so funny, so funny. I think we’re actually looking to do more now.

“We’ve contacted the person who made that, so in the future who knows, there might be some more cartoons out there – that actually have our voices.”

With more 2D animations potentially in the pipeline, and news that the boys may also be in talks over a 3D film, they’ve definitely got all the D’s covered.