Pamela Anderson joins Big Brother

‘I’ll give them the ride of their lives’: Pamela Anderson set to join Big Brother contestants for their first weekend in the house

When Celebrity Big Brother host Brian Dowling told viewers that there was a surprise in store, no one could have imagined it would come in the shape of a former Playboy Playmate.

Because when the Big Brother contestants enter the house tonight for a new series of the show, Pamela Anderson will be lying in wait for them.

At the end of last night’s Celebrity Big Brother final, Dowling went back to the house where a blonde woman was sitting with her back to the cameras on the sofa.

A voice said: ‘Would Pamela please come to the Diary Room’, and the blonde made her way inside the room, revealing who she was when she sat on the chair.

Looking sexy in a silver mini dress, she will be in the Big Brother house to surprise the housemates when they enter.

And she said, I’m going to give them the ride of their lives’, before charmingly adding:I’m going to leave a skid mark on every one of them.’

Pamela, 44, was tipped to be one of the contestants on the celebrity version of the show, which Paddy Doherty from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding won last night.

And Dowling said the new contestants are going to go ‘bananas’ when they see her in the house.

Speaking to the Daily Star, he said: ‘I am so excited by this twist. It’s never been done before.

Is that really her? The crowd outside the house looked on in amazement as Pamela revealed her plans

‘When I was told about the surprise, I was like, “Are you kidding me?” The housemates are going to go bananas when they find out who it is joining them.’

But a source on the show said that having her in the house could prove to be a ‘bittersweet’ experience for them.

They added: ‘Their fate on Big Brother could depend on whether they please her or not.’


(source: thedailymail)