Pat exits after face off with Fatima

She is an Olympic champion with nerves of steel, he is a former children’s TV presenter -no wonder Pat Sharp looked slightly on edge when he was told his jungle survival depended on beating Fatima Whitbread.

And not surprisingly it was Fatima who triumphed in the latest Bushtucker trial, meaning the 50-year-old DJ was evicted from the Australian camp.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing in the trial, called ‘Fill Your Face – Extreme’, after a cockroach crawled up Fatima’s nose.

Because Pat and Fatima, 50, received the least number of public votes and went up against each other in the Bush Tucker Trial ‘Fill Your Face – Extreme’.

The Olympic champion had just had 7,500 cockroaches poured into her Perspex helmet when one of the critters crawled into her nose.

The trial was halted as Fatima felt the cockroach crawling around her nose and she tried in vain to blow it out naturally.

A medic had to be called to syringe her nasal passage and after a couple of attempts it sluiced the creepy crawly through her nose and out of her mouth.

At the start of the trial, Ant and Dec asked how they were feeling. Fatima said: ‘What will be will be…I am certainly not ready to go home yet and I will give it a good go’.

Not relishing the prospect of going up against an Olympic athlete, Pat said: ‘I would like to stay as well, I think I have done ok so far in everything I have been asked to do, my mate here agrees we have known each other a long time.

‘It is going to be difficult going up against her in anything. Not even just the physical but she also has the mental strength of an athlete’.

After 6 long rounds, the trial went to a tie breaker, with Fatima proving too much for Pat.

As he left the jungle Pat said he wanted his pal Mark Wright to be crowned King of the jungle.