Private school wants Charlie Sheen prosecuted for criminal threats


The private school Charlie Sheen’s daughter attended is allegedly seeking to prosecute the actor for criminal threats and inciting violence.

The Anger Management actor claimed that his nine-year-old daughter Sam – whose mother is actress┬áDenise Richards – was ”bullied out” of Viewpoint School in Calabasas and branded a liar, and asked his Twitter followers to make clear their disgust at the ”abhorrent disrespect” shown to his little girl by delivering ”rotted egg a roll of toilet paper or some dog s**t there.”

However, according to TMZ, furious parents held a meeting during the week, where they insisted Charlie is ”a credible threat and a violent person” and urged the school to have him prosecuted for criminal threats as well as inciting violence.

Although Sam left the school in May 2012, it is unclear why Charlie waited until now to lash out.

The parents apparently plan to contact authorities.