REVIEW: What are the critics saying about Madonna’s Rebel Heart?

Madonna has released her 13th studio album, and the critics are quick to wade in with their opinion of Rebel Heart.

Out now in the UK and America, DYRT thought we’d give you the low down on what the critics had to say and let you make up you’re own mind.. although we’d definitely recommend you get yourself a copy! The material girl is back with a bang.


Madonna press shot 2015.


The Guardian awarded Rebel Heart three stars, praising Madonna’s more risqué tracks over the “overblown ballads”, adding: “Madonna just makes a far better basqued polemicist than she does a wise elder stateswoman.”

The Independent gave the album four stars, calling it a “confirmation of her musical relevance”, and praising some of its “sonic nakedness”.

Time lauded Rebel Heart as Madonna’s “most consistent album in a decade”, adding that “it has surprising gravity, and doubles as a portrait of a lion approaching the winter of a career without precedent”.

NME gave the record a 5/10 and was mainly critical of a star “still trying to pass herself off as a teenager”.

Billboard gave Rebel Heart 3.5/5, noting that “songs unfold slowly, building through foreplay-like intros before hooks are displayed over a shifting series of textures, as if the tracks were being remixed while you’re listening to them”.

The Daily Mail awarded the album four stars, saying it is “Madonna’s best album since 2005’s Confessions On A Dancefloor, probably because she is at her most relaxed and natural”.

Time Out gave Rebel Heart three stars, saying the album “may lack cohesion, but she’s definitely not down for the count”.