Rihanna rocks naughty schoolgirl look on X Factor

Her last performance on X Factor drew complaints for it’s raunchiness so at first glance Rihanna looked like she was playing it safe in a demure tartan dress on the X Factor.

But on closer inspection the We Found Love singer seemed to be rallying against the establishment by wearing shoes with the phrase ‘F*** Off’ scrawled across them.

The 23-year-old singer still managed to set pulses racing in her naughty schoolgirl-style get-up, pairing the outfit with stockings with a metal-tipped collar and laddered stockings.

Message on a shoe: Rihanna looks every inch the naughty schoolgirl on X Factor yesterday evening with the phrase 'F*** you' scrawled across her footwear

Her controversial footwear was perhaps a cheeky salute to Ofcom, who ensured there was no gyrating in skimpy costumes this year.

Rihanna’s energetic performance of the song, currently topping the charts in the UK, turned the studio into a dance party.

Despite hitting number one around the world, We Found Love, a collaboration with Calvin Harris, has not been without controversy.

Last week the Rape Crisis Centre labelled Rihanna a ‘disgrace’ for the raunchy music video, which sees the singer being spanked by her real life boyfriend Dudley O’Shaughnessy, who also pens the word ‘mine’ on her behind.

Speaking to the Daily Star, a spokesperson for the centre said: ‘Rihanna’s new video is a disgrace.

‘It sends the message that she is an object to be possessed by men, which is disturbingly what we see in real violence cases.’

Last year Rihanna’s performance during the finals, along with Christina Aguiler’s, attracted 4,500 complaints to Ofcom.

Rihanna on last years X Factor















Before Rihanna stormed the stage, Rebecca Ferguson made her return to the show to perform her debut single Nothing’s Real But Love.

Last year’s runner-up looked sophisticated in a black high-neck, Emilio Pucci dress with gold embellishment, Lara Bohinc accessories and her long hair out in cascading waves.

‘It was quite nerve-wracking but I feel like I’m back at home,’ said Rebecca, who co-wrote her upcoming album.

Returning home: Last year's runner-up Rebecca Ferguson performed her debut single Nothing's Real But Love