Rivalry Between The X Factor Judges…

X Factor’s Gary Barlow: Kelly Rowland has stopped texting me

Take That star lets slip that serious rivalries are affecting judges’ friendships

With the live finals almost upon us, X Factor judge Gary Barlow has revealed that there’s no love lost between him and his fellow judges – especially Kelly Rowland.

‘I get on with Kelly, well, I did until this point,’ says Gary.

‘When she got given her girls category at boot camp, I’ve noticed the texts have stopped.

‘It’s all gone into a new gear. It’s war now. But that’s fair enough.’

Gary, who is mentoring the boys, is keen to take advantage of the fact thatKelly, 30, has tour performances to juggle with her X Factor commitments.

‘The great thing is when I get home I’ve got nothing in my diary other than this show. I think I’m lucky,’ the 40-year-old tells the Daily Star.

‘I already know Kelly’s on tour with Chris Brown.

‘That’s good for me. I’m thinking; “You go on tour, while I work here.” I’m confident we’ve got the winner in this category.’