Robert Pattinson Still In Line For Jeff Buckley Role?

Reports claim the Twilight star is still being considered for the biopic part…

Robert Pattinson could be well on his way to landing his dream role of playing legendary singer, Jeff Buckley, after Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley was ruled out of the biopic.

The Twilight actor has made no secret of his desire to portray the Hallelujah hitmaker in the upcoming flick about his life, previously claiming he was “obsessed” with bagging the role.

Now, the biopic’s co-producer Orion Williams has told the Los Angeles Times that R-Pattz IS still in the frame to play Buckley, stating: “Penn is not involved in the film at all. It’s crazy how these stories get out. (The producers) are all very unified in our search to find the perfect person to play Jeff.”

“When you have a story about an individual like Jeff you get a lot of interest because his life was so impactful and so short. ”

He added: “We’re being very careful about it as we move forward. It takes a while to perfect this type of film. You’ve got to do it for the right reasons.”

Williams also claimed that early meetings with Rob to discuss the role have been arranged, but casting for the flick does not start until October.