Roundup Review of Paolo Nutini’s Caustic Love

Paolo Nutini has released his much anticipated third studio album Caustic Love.

The Scottish singer-songwriter released the new collection on Monday, and we at DYRT agree it’s a triumphant return for the singer who’s been on hiatus for the past three years.

Nutini was awarded four stars by The Guardian for Caustic Love, with them noting: “The tremendous ‘Iron Sky’ and ‘Looking for Something’ point towards existential earnestness with soaring emotion.”

The Independent gave Caustic Love five stars, saying: “Not only is Nutini reaching the feral depths once plumbed by those raw-throated voices, but he’s locked into the spirit of that most golden of soul eras, with subtly updated adaptations of classic soul styles.”

The collection was awarded four stars by The Scotsman, who said: “It’s clear that Caustic Love is another leap forward for the restless musician after the infectious mixtape approach of Sunny Side Up.”

Awarding Caustic Love three stars, Metro said: “Perhaps because he somehow looks preternaturally beautiful even when clutching a can of Tennent’s in a holey jumper, Nutini has often been lumped in with the likes of bland romantic troubadours such as James Blunt and James Morrison – but with his searing, raspy, pain’n’whisky-soaked voice, as well as the kind of risk-taking evidenced here, that seems more unfair than ever now.”