Roy Keane hits out at Alex Ferguson claims

Roy Keane has hit out at Sir Alex Ferguson, saying the former Manchester United boss has talked “nonsense” about him in his autobiography.

“When people talk nonsense about you and they think it’s okay, I thought no, I’ve got to defend myself here,” Keane told Sky Sports News.

Keane spoke about about his relationship with Ferguson, who features in a whole chapter of his new autobiography.

The Irishman now only calls the legendary manager ‘Ferguson’ and is highly critical of him for the way he has criticised former players who brought him so much success in more than 25 years at Old Trafford.

Keane spoke about how he had to defend himself, especially from his former manager.

“Particularly for a manager to talk about me and, to be fair some of my ex-teammates, and criticise us for a team that brought him a little bit of success – a few medals along the way and I think he earned a few quid as well – and just sit back and accept it – no, enough’s enough.

“I thought, right I’ll have a go back. He talked plenty of nonsense.”

Keane was particularly critical of Ferguson’s comments about him towards the end of his playing days, the manager saying Keane could not accept he was not the player of old.

“I was 34 years of age, of course I wasn’t going to be the player I was when I was 26,” Keane added.

“But thinking I didn’t know my boundaries…I think he might have said I was trying to manage the dressing room, and dead right I was – that’s what you do when you become a senior player.

“You get those responsibilities thrown at you. I knew my boundaries, I knew where I was at. I wasn’t expecting a five-year deal but the way I left disappointed me because I thought Ferguson and (David) Gill should have done better by me.

“I’m being quite polite by saying Ferguson, let me tell you. I could think of a lot worse things to say.

“This idea that there wasn’t good lads there, or that I had lost the plot at the end or players were intimidated by me is absolutely ridiculous.

“If you speak to any ex-players who played for United for a decent period of time, they’ll always tell you it’s a great club – and it is – but it’s a pity people didn’t appreciate that.”