Scott Disick hospitalised with alcohol poisoning

Scott Disick was reportedly admitted to hospital for alcohol poisoning.

According to TMZ  the 31-year-old reality star was hospitalised in June after drinking too much during his birthday celebrations.

Scott was partying at the 1Oak nightclub in Southhampton, New York, on June 22 when the site claimed he fell ill and feared he had been the victim of drink spiking.

In photographs from inside the club on that evening, Scott was rarely seen without a beer in his hand and was spotted spraying partygoers with an expensive bottle of Veuve Clicquot.


Reportedly the star was worried he had been the victim of drink spiking
Reportedly Scott was worried he had been the victim of drink spiking


TMZ claimed the father of two swapped from beer to spirits and was “binge drinking.”

“Scott told the friends who were with him he was so messed up he felt someone had drugged him,” reports the site.

With Scott unable to “string a sentence together” he was taken to the South Hampton Hospital for treatment.

“We’re told Scott was admitted and tested for drugs but doctors concluded it was classic alcohol poisoning,” reports TMZ.


Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have clashed several times on the show about his drinking


The incident came after his pregnant partner Kourtney Kardashian had thrown him out of their Hamptons rental after reportedly becoming upset at Scotts constant partying.