SPOILER ALERT:Christmas pregnancies in Albert Square

She isn’t known for being a particularly maternal character, but this Christmas Eastenders’ Janine will discover she is expecting Michael Moon’s baby.

And the witch of Walford isn’t the only one getting unexpected news, teenage tearaway Lola is also pregnant.

With typical Eastenders cheer neither evil landlady Janine or Billy Mitchell’s granddaughter Lola welcome the news.

Lucky in love? Janine (played by Charlie Brooks) finds out she is expecting Micheal Moon's (played by Steve John Shepherd) childWhile bosses are keeping the father of Lola’s baby under wraps it has already been confirmed Janine’s baby’s is fathered by sinister character Michael Moon.

A show insider told The Daily Star: ‘Janine is completely shocked when she finds out she’s pregnant.

‘Her initial reaction is one of horror, especially as she still doesn’t know whether she can trust Michael.

He says he loves her and is excited about becoming a dad, but he always stirs up suspicion because of his track record.’

This isn’t the first time Michael (played by Steve John Shepherd) has fathered a baby as the first born son of Eddie Moon already has a child with landlady Kat Moon.

But although the gym owner relinquished all contact with Tommy Moon it seems he is determined to be a father to Janine’s (played by Charlie Brooks) baby.

Viewers can understand Janine’s initial trepidation at settling down with Michael after he hatched an evil plot to kill his own brother, destroy his father and steal his best friend’s wife.

And there is a slight suspicion Michael could just be after Janine’s new found wealth.