SPOILER ALERT: EastEnders hitman

Dark days are set to return to Albert Square when Derek Branning proves he is not a man to mess around with as he puts out a hit on Roxy Mitchell.

The newest bad boy to arrive in EastEnders has already helped get Phil Mitchell put behind bars and now he has set his sights on Roxy.

Derek, played by Jamie Foreman, is left furious next week when he feels that Roxy, played by Rita Simons, has wronged his brother Jack and is splitting up his family.

After trying to defend his brother in an argument with Roxy over their child Amy, Derek is left red faced when Shirley, Phil’s partner, puts him in his place.

Dodgy dealins: EastEnders' Derek Branning, played byTerence Beesley, hires a hitman to kill Roxy Mitchell
Derek Branning hires a hitman to kill Roxy Mitchell

Angry and with revenge on his mind, we see Derek hit an all time low when he starts looking for photographs of Roxy in Jack’s belongings so that his hit-man can identify his target correctly.

Later he gets what he needs via a print-out of her face which he got hold of from the CCTV footage at the club.

Stern words: Derek confronts Roxy, portrayed by Rita Simons

He then shows the picture to Jack and tells his brother that ‘accidents can happen’, insinuating that something bad is going to happen to Roxy.

A clearly stunned and disgusted Jack erupts with anger and snatches the picture off his sibling and throws it away, but once he leaves, Derek gets it back and continues with his sadistic plan.

He hires a killer named Andy and tells him to take out Roxy but insists that he goes no further than scaring the mother of his niece.

Brotherly love? Things turn sour when Jack grabs Derek by his clothes

The following day Shirley informs Jack that Roxy has gone missing and didn’t return home the previous night, so the former policeman heads straight to see his brother and forces a confession out of him.

Derek admits that he ‘couldn’t resist’ scaring Roxy but he begins to fear the worst when he realises she is still missing.

The two brothers end up involved in a scuffle and with Derek pinned against a wall, Jack continues his search for Roxy, but will it be too late?