SPOILER: Neighbours’ character to get baby shock

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NeighbourLucas Fitzgerald (played by Scott Major)s mechanic Lucas Fitzgerald is in for a shock when newcomer Vanessa Villante informs him that she is pregnant with his baby.
The Ramsay Street regular, played by Scott Major, hears the bombshell news after enjoying a one-night stand with Vanessa.

Struggling to accept his responsibilities as a father, Lucas then tries to drive Vanessa away from Erinsborough.

A Neighbours source told the Daily Star: “Lucas is not accepting his responsibilities and wants Vanessa to disappear – but she has other ideas.

“She gets a job as head chef at Lassiter’s and he’s furious. He goes straight to Paul Robinson and tells him not to hire her as she’s pregnant.” 

Vanessa Villante

Neighbours bosses announced the casting of actress Alin Sumarwata as Vanessa late last year.

Fans in Australia have already seen Vanessa’s introduction, while she makes her debut on UK screens next month.