SPOILER PICS: EastEnders’ Ian Beale is told Lucy is dead

Ian Beale’s world will be changed forever next week in EastEnders when he is told that his daughter Lucy has been found dead.

Viewers will see Lucy’s lifeless body left on the Walford Common at the end of this week, but Ian will remain in the dark over his daughter’s death as he desperately tries to make amends with son Peter.

After Jane organises a family get-together at the restaurant, IanĀ is upset when neither of the twins turn up and heads off to the Vic where he clashes with Peter, who is waiting for Lucy.

After Mick is forced to throw him out of the pub, Ian decides to go over to the Brannings to check if Lucy is with Lauren but as he makes his way back from there, he sees the police heading to his house.


Police officers give Ian the terrible news that Lucy is dead.


Ian is then given the devastating news that Lucy’s body has been found on Walford Common.

As the police explain that they believe that Lucy was the victim of a random mugging that got out of hand, Ian struggles to digest what he is being told and is determined to go and see his daughter, despite the police trying to persuade him otherwise.


Ian goes to identify Lucy's body


Arriving at the morgue, Ian faces the worst moment of his life as he is shown his daughter’s body.

When he arrives home, Ian faces further turmoil as he has to share the news with the rest of his family, starting with Denise and Jane.


 A broken Ian tells Jane and Denise that Lucy is dead


Overcome with her own grief, Jane helps Ian gather Cindy and Bobby to deliver the shocking news.


Cindy and Bobby break down as Ian tells them Lucy is dead


Leaving them at home devastated, Ian then faces another harrowing ordeal as he heads off to find Peter.

EastEndersĀ airs these scenes on Monday, April 21 and Tuesday, April 22 on BBC One.