SPOTTED: Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna together for first time

Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio have been spotted together since rumors of the pair hooking up began.

Photos of the pair from inside the lush private birthday party he threw for Rihanna have heat up the rumors of the hot new pairing.

According to TMZ, the supposed lovers put on plenty of public displays of affection Рbut one of them it seems is perhaps more clingy than the other.


First picture of Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio
First picture of Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio


Sources claim that Leo couldn’t get a moment to himself, and that Rihanna followed him everywhere he went.

The limited photo evidence doesn’t confirm this, but does show the Wolf of Wall Street star wearing sporting his favourite scruffy beard and flat cap combo, holding what appears to be a shot glass as he stands behind the birthday girl.


Rumors of a romance between the two have been circulating for months


The blurred snap, shot between a wall of white balloons, also shows the Barbadian beauty in a white dress not paying Leo any notice as she appears to light something in her hand.

Romance rumors have been swirling about the pair for months now after they were spotted together at several parties, although some reports claim they are just ‘hooking up’ and are not exclusive to each other.

One partygoer tweeted that the two were making out as one of Rihanna’s own songs was playing: ‘Just saw Leo and Rihanna makeout while pour it up was playing. What is life,’ they tweeted.