Stefanie Powers first out the Jungle

She was the bossiest camp mate in there so it was no surprise that Stefanie Powers was the first person to go home in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.

The 69-year-old actress looked elated at hosts Ant and Dec told her she would be leaving the Australian jungle today.

‘I’m delighted,’ she said as her camp mates hugged her.

‘I’ve got so much to do, it’s the best thing that could have happened.’

The red head then made her way across the bridge to talk about her time in the jungle where she said that she felt she had made her point.

‘I came in here for two reasons,’ she said. ‘To be a poster girl for survivors of lung cancer, and to raise awareness for charity.’

Out of the jungle: Stefanie Powers seemed pleased to finally return to reality as she became the first famous face to be eliminatedWhen Ant and Dec asked Stefanie how she kept so calm during the trials and challenges, she simply answered: ‘Because the bugs don’t bother me.’

And when she was asked about what she thought of her fellow camp mates who were not so calm, she didn’t seem annoyed or bothered but instead praised Sinitta.

‘She’s done so well in there,’ she said. ‘She’s even managing to sleep normally without the canape over her head.’

The Hart To Hart star also said that the reason she was so calm is because she had prepared herself for what was to come.

‘I watched clips of your show on Youtube,’ she said. ‘So I knew what to expect.’

Stefanie was in a vulnerable position after her team lost in last night’s Bed Bugs challenge and were therefore not immune from the public vote.

When Ant and Dec arrived in the camp this morning, they announced that it was between Stefanie and fellow actress Lorraine Chase, but soon revealed it was Stefanie who had to pack her bags.

The actress – who had several run ins with her camp mates over her 13 days in the jungle – seemed like she didn’t want to spend much time saying goodbye and kept repeating how happy she was to be leaving.

But despite not getting on with everyone, when the group had their last meal together yesterday before the first elimination, Stefanie managed to give a rather heartfelt speech and continued it in the Bush Telegraph.

‘We all have this connection, and this connection will carry on way beyond being in here,’ she said.
Goodbye: The rest of the celebrities waved off Stefanie as she left the jungle for good

The TV star quickly made her way across the bridge as her fellow camp mates waved her off and when finished her interview she looked exhausted as she made her way towards the photographers and her waiting family amidst the fireworks that were going off.

No other camp mates are now immune from elimination and as soon as Stefanie left the jungle the lines re-opened for the British public to vote to save their favourite celebrity.

Another famous face will leave the jungle on tomorrow night’s show.