Stoke City star Pennant gives his sports car a touch up

They are among the highest paid people in the country that could go out and buy an expensive new car today without even batting an eyelid.

But it would appear that our high-paid footballers can be quite thrifty, especially when it comes to their four-wheeled pride and joys.

Jermaine Pennant is the latest footballer to give his car a face-lift, a shiny chrome one to be precise.

Won't be hard to see you coming! Jermaine Pennant is snapped driving about in his blinged-up, chrome wrapped Aston Martin

The Stoke City star was snapped driving thought the town in his £130,000 Aston Martin DBS.

It had been given a new look courtesy of a vinyl car wrap, the ultimate in vehicle paintwork bling.

The chrome mirrored everything in its path and made people stop and stare as he cruised down the road.

Not that Jermaine couldn’t afford a new car, after all, this is the man who ran up a £406 parking fine earlier this year after he left his Porsche at a Spanish train station – because he allegedly forgot about it.

Reports said Jermaine had left the car and forgotten he even owned it when Real Zaragoza, the Spanish team where he was playing at the time, called him.

But Pennant laughed off the reports and explained the car was left for three weeks as he had to drive to the station to then catch a plane from Madrid to complete his loan deal with Stoke.

He said: ‘When I signed on loan for Stoke I didn’t have time to go back. But I got a ticket for €480 which my mate paid and I then paid it into his account. For €480 it was worth it to come to Stoke – it was a bargain!’

Pennant, 28, is the latest footballer to give his car a make-over, and follows in the footsteps of Doncaster Rovers player El Hadji Diouf, who had his Mercedes McLaren SLR vinyl wrapped in mirrored chrome, along with a red interior and black wheels.

Earlier this year, Wayne Rooney, turned his silver £150,000 Range Rover white and David Beckham has his Porsche wrapped in matt black.

Same car, different colour: Wayne Rooney turned his Range Rover from silver to white

Buffed and ready: David Beckham has his Porsche vinyl wrapped in matt black