Super Bowl XLIX: Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch continues to taunt media

Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch has continued to taunt the media ahead of Super Bowl XLIX.

He may be a star on the field but he continues to be less of team player off it, all but refusing to speak to the media ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl against the New England Patriots.

The 28-year-old is renowned for his reluctance to engage with the media and he has lived up to that reputation this week.

Lynch had been threatened with a $500,000 fine by the NFL if he skipped media day and he has accumulated $131,050 in fines since the start of the regular season for violations of the league’s media policy as well as on-field conduct.

The running back repeated a one-line mantra of “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” or “You know why I’m here” at his two previous media appearances this week but was more expansive with his comments at a news conference on Thursday.

“All week I told y’all what’s up and for some reason y’all continue to come back,” said Lynch.

“I don’t know what story you want. I don’t know what image y’all wanna portray me. But it don’t matter what y’all think, what y’all say about me.

“When I go home at night, the same people I look in the face, my family that I love, that’s all I need. So y’all can make up whatever you wanna make up. I don’t say enough.

“You shove microphones and cameras in my face. When I’m home, I don’t see y’all, but you’re mad at me.”

He also praised his teammates, Oakland, California, and the Family First Foundation. When asked who is the best player on the Seahawks, he said: “All of them.”

As he has all week, Lynch stayed five minutes before promptly leaving as soon as his minimum time limit was up.