The (Ex) Factor: Frankie cheats on Amelia


She was spotted at the X Factor studios over the weekend supporting her former fellow contestants and rumoured love interest Frankie Cocozza.

But what began as an enjoyable evening for Amelia Lily ended with the 17-year-old in tears after Frankie cheated on her with a pretty blonde.

The X Factor bad boy and Amelia, who was among the first contestants voted off the show, were spotted sneaking off to a hotel’s underground car park at around 1am after partying with fellow singers Marcus Collins and The Risk’s Charlie Healy.

The pair were then seen emerging from the car park 45 minutes later and then returned to the party.

However, one visit to the car park clearly wasn’t enough for 19-year-old Frankie, who was then photographed taking a blonde friend down to the same car park just an hour later, spending over half an hour down there after the pair were spotted kissing passionately.

But news of Frankie’s escapade quickly got back to Amelia, who was then photographed sobbing to a friend on the phone at around 4am.

A source told the Daily Star: ‘Frankie looked like the cat who’d got the cream when he came up from the car park with the second girl. But Amelia was really upset.

‘She came out crying and kept telling her mate on the phone, “I can’t believe what he’s done to me.” ‘

The pretty young singer was then seen being picked up from the hotel at 4.30am.

Before meeting up with Frankie again, Amelia described him as a ‘lovely lad’, adding: ‘Frankie has a heart of gold.

‘If you get to know him you realise he is a genuine and lovely lad.’

Frankie’s bad boy antics came just two days after he stunned viewers on The Xtra Factor when he revealed he had ‘banged’ Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan.

Asked by hosts Caroline Flack and Olly Murs what had happened with reality TV star Holly, Frankie crudely replied: ‘I met her… I banged her’.

Realising he may have pushed the boundaries on the ITV2 show with the comment, Frankie put his hand to his mouth and said: ‘Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.’