The Hills star Heidi Montag reveals new album

Her first failed attempt at a music career two years ago when she blew millions of dollars on a failed album, but fame-hungry Heidi Montag isn’t giving up her desperate quest to be a pop star.

The former reality TV star and self-confessed plastic surgery addict is releasing a new album titled Dreams Come True.

The 25-year-old has released a promotional image for the EP which shows her wearing hot-pink cut-out swimsuit, and she’s also plugging her four tracks – Your Love Found Me, Party Is Wherever I Am, No More and Overdosin – on her Twitter page.

Making music again: Heidi Montag has released a new EP titled Dreams Come True

Heidi, who is still married Spencer Pratt, attempts to emulate Britney Spears in the heavily auto-tuned bubblegum pop songs.

Heidi released her first album called Superficial in 2010 which bombed.

She admitted last year that is was a financial disaster for her, saying: ‘I spent $2 million on my music career, and it didn’t happen for me.’

But rather than cut her losses, she instead hired a new producer and manager.

Heidi and her husband were once some of the biggest reality TV stars in the States with their role on The Hills.

However their popularity plummeted after a string of ridiculous publicity stunts including a fake split.

Spencer last year signed on as a undergraduate in a political science degree at the University of Southern California.