The Saturdays aren’t splitting up says Una

The Saturdays are not splitting up confirmed Una Foden.

The Irish member of the girl group dismissed speculation that The Saturdays have split up.

After releasing their greatest hits collection Finest Selection last summer, rumours about their future swirled.

With each of the girls currently undertaking further solo engagements, fans have been left wondering if they would see a sixth studio album from them.

“No, no, no like absolutely 100 per cent. I’ll say it now, we’re not splitting up, we’re just going on a little bit of a hiatus,” she told the Mail Online.

“We just feel that we’ve got to that point where we’re kind of taking a little step back and focusing on other things that we might want to personally pursue. We definitely plan to get back together and do more stuff in the future.”

Foden, who recently appeared as a coach on the Irish version of The Voice, went on to express interest in releasing a solo album.

“Music is my passion. It’s definitely something I’d like to do,” she said. “I’d love to put an album of my own together because I’ve been writing for a long time.”