The Truth with Gary O: Latest reviews of what’s hot in this weeks charts



DYRT has teamed up with Gary O of Pulse 98.4FM to bring you news of the hottest hits to hit the airwaves.

He’s the man who’ll tell Pitbull he’s in need of a Pit Stop, Bieber to stop Beliebing, and Justin Timberlake to focus more on his music than his Suit and Tie.

Gary O will keep it real with his weekly reviews…we hope you’re not offended by his truth…





Justin Bieber  – All Around The World (feat Ludacris)

Where have I heard this before? Is this because I heard it on Bieber’s 2012 album ……….. No that’s not it.

All Around the World is a carbon copy of tracks done by the likes of his protégé Usher Raymond and even Enrique Iglesias.

If you are looking for a club thumper this isn’t it, ok well it is, but play it back to back with any of the for mentioned or even Britney and you will see that it’s a poor relation.

As for Luda mentioning the Dynamic Duo is back, mmm… Bieber had never left.



K Koke – Lay Down Your Weapons (feat Rita Ora)

Second single for K Koke and although he is asking for you to lay down your weapons he has a big weapon in Rita Ora.

The British Rihanna (with slightly more talent) starts the track with a whining plea to Lay Down the Weapons giving any new listener a vibe of a slow track.

Then the beat hits, followed by K Koke’s gruff voice with a distinct NW London twang.

His lyrics seem heartfelt and serve as his testament to any youth listening to the track that it hasn’t been all plain sailing for him and his career. Expect great things from this guy.



Of Monsters and Men – King and Lionheart

This Icelandic six piece new single is another great track from the album My Head is an Animal.

Some have likened Of Monsters and Men to Mumford and Sons but this track has a Coldplay feel to it.

Unlike Coldplay the vocals of Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir doesn’t make you want to self-harm.

This track is smooth as butter which builds from Nanna’s delightful voice rising with acoustic guitar and drums to full band. With this single already topping the charts back home in Iceland its sure to make waves here too.



Miguel – How Many Drinks?

“How many drinks will it take to leave with me?” I can answer that one on behalf of all the ladies Miguel, none! You’re famous.

I love the fact that this a slow sexy song which could be part of your bedroom mixtape but at the same time its saying that I cant be bothered to do all the hard work so I would like you to get drunk and lets get it on.

In fairness Miguel is hoping its two or three so he can get down to business and maybe make it back to the club for seconds.

To be honest I was a late arriver to the Miguel success story but from what I heard this guy is going places and definitely blew up in Glasgow when he performed here earlier this year.

This tune does not disappoint and should make the mixtape along with your D’Angelos and Maxwell’s.




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