The Voice UK: Jessie J reportedly a bit of a diva

Jessie J has been accused of snubbing BBC One’s controller after he tried to congratulate her on The Voice UK’s success.

According to The Mirror, the singer and show judge, apparently refused to speak to Danny Cohen and left him standing outside her dressing room.

She is consequently facing being axed from The Voice UK after staff branded her a “diva” who has become “impossible” to work with, it is alleged.

“Jessie is getting far too big for her boots. Nobody can believe what an impossible diva she has become. It was extraordinary, Danny is the most senior man at BBC One and The Voice is his baby,” a source said.

“He was the man who gave Jessie J a job and turned her into a household name, so nobody could believe it when she left him standing outside in the corridor like a lemon. It was made clear that she was too busy to see him.

“It’s not a smart move to do that to the man who makes the big decisions. Everybody else at the studio was bending over backwards to be nice to Danny, but Jessie didn’t seem to care who he was.”

The Voice continues tonight at 6:10pm on BBC 1