The Wanted’s Tom Parker compares US fan reaction to Beatlemania

The Wanted’s Tom Parker has compared the reception his group have received in the United States to Beatlemania.


Parker also said that he thinks his band have been so well received at US radio because of their “realism”.

“It’s Beatlemania for both boybands, really. The whole boyband thing has really come back.”

“Us and One Direction have gone over to America and are literally just tearing it apart. The whole boyband thing is really alive, and it’s good that it’s two British acts doing it,” Tom told BangShowbiz.

Parker also said that he thinks his band’s ‘say what we want’ approach has been key to their success on both sides of the Atlantic.

“People in Britain liked the fact that we were very real… We were very ‘say what we want’ and we wanted to produce the music that we wanted to do,” he explained.

“We took it to America and people really liked it. Every radio station was like, ‘It’s a breath of fresh air to us, we’ve not seen this realism for so long’.”