They’re Glad You Came: Fans mob The Wanted at LAX

America just can’t get enough of British boy bands.

After One Direction caused chaos in New York earlier this month with their US television debut The Wanted arrived to a heroes’ welcome at LAX yesterday.

The boys were mobbed by fans as they came through the airport


Max, Nathan, Siva, Jay and Tom were greeted by hordes of female fans as they made their way through the airport.

Despite being tired after their long flight the five band members spent time chatting to fans, posing for pictures and signing autographs.

George,23, tweeted: ‘Great seeing all the fans at LAX……. WHAT A WELCOME THAT WAS!’

Meanwhile Jay posted: ‘Big cheers to the fans at the airport/hotel! You’re better company than our tour manager by faaaaaaaar!’

The Wanted are currently at number 2 in the iTunes chart in the US with their single Glad You Came , and Gold Forever will be released in America this week.

Not too tired for the fans: Max George was happy to pose for a picture with a female fan
Max George was happy to pose for a picture with a female fan

The band have already success that outstrips that of Take That who got to No.7 with Back For Good in 1995.

The group, who recently completed a sold-out US tour, saw a massive boost in sales after the song was featured during an episode of Glee and tomorrow night they will perform on Jay Leno – which will no doubt further increase their fanbase.

Despite their long journey it appeared at least one of the party-loving crew was ready to hit the town.

America just can't get enough: After enjoying a sell-out tour earlier this month the boys are back to appear on Jay LenoTom Parker, who had looked shattered as he arrived at the airport posted: ‘In LA. Tired but ready to drink x’

While the Wanted are sitting pretty in the singles chart their rivals One Direction bagged the number one spot in the album charts.

And it appears that the boys have some healthy rivalry going on.

Max, recently told The Sun newspaper: ‘ Maybe when they have a song right next to us in the charts over there, they’ll be competition.

‘Whenever you see anything about One Direction their fans get a little bit angry. I guess because they’re quite young.’

But while there might be some competition between the two groups there are clearly enough fans to go round.