Things erupted between Denise & Michael at LIVE nominations

They’ve never exactly been the best of friends.

But things erupted between Denise Welch and Michael Madsen last night after the Reservoir Dogs actor labelled the actress ’emotionally disturbed’.

The comment came as the Celebrity Big Brother housemates were forced to make face-to-face nominations on last night’s spin-off show.

Nominating Denise, Michael said: ‘I can’t stand another minute in this house with Denise, I am not the source of this argument…she is.

‘I feel she is emotionally disturbed and like she said it’s either me or her.’

However, Denise was left so distraught by Michael’s comments that she burst into tears, and had to be comforted by Natalie Cassidy and the Playboy twins Kristina and Karissa.

Following the incident, Natalie was fuming by Michael’s behaviour and vowed to talk to the actor, who she has previously likened to a grandfather figure in the house.

She told her fellow housemates: ‘I can’t let it lie. He needs to be told that what he said about Denise was wrong.’

Natalie continued: ‘Honestly, I will not talk to him now, I will be polite but I won’t talk to him. When he wakes up tomorrow going “good morning” he won’t be getting a good morning from me. I won’t be entertaining conversations. I don’t like false people.’

Frankie Cocozza added: ‘That was so evil, I can’t even get over that.’

Michael’s nomination of Denise came after their frequent arguing in the house, which Denise said had been ‘causing an atmosphere’.

During the process, nice guy rugby player Gareth Thomas was the only star to avoid being nominated.

Feud: Denise and Michael have been having frequent arguments inside the house