Tom and Ricky run into trouble in Apprentice semi-final

Tom Gearing and Ricky Martin end up running into trouble on this week’s¬†Apprentice semi-final, when they are accused of lacking creativity on the task.

The duo attempt to launch a high-end grooming brand to impress Lord Sugar, but despite some impressive shaving skills from Ricky, the business experts appear to be concerned about the lack of colour and spark in the boys’ creation.

Martin and Gearing are competing for a spot in Sunday’s finale, which will see the final four candidates being grilled in interviews about their business ideas.

Jade Nash, Nick Holzherr and Adam Corbally are the other three business hopefuls, who want to land the £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

The Apprentice semi-final airs tonight (Wednesday) at 9pm on BBC One