Tom teaches John & Jamie to dive

He may be less than half their age but Tom Daley played the role of teacher when he passed on some of his expert diving knowledge to Jamie Redknapp and comedian John Bishop.

The champion diver, 17, assisted the duo as they prepared to take part in a television challenge on Sky 1’s A League Of Their Own.

Tom put ex-footballer Redknapp and stand-up comedian Bishop through their paces as they tried to get themselves ready to perform a 10metre dive in Plymouth.

Aiming high: Jamie Redknapp braces himself for a plunge into the pool


The jump can send the duo splashing down into the water at speeds of up to 40mph.

But, with Tom’s coaching expertise both Jamie and John build up enough confidence to take the challenge head on.

Tom, who won two gold medals at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, also acts as judge on the show – awarding the duo for their efforts in performing the dive he has trained them for.

When first confronted with the 10metre-high diving board, comedian John Bishop’s first reaction is: ‘That’s a long, long way! Can we go now?’

While former Liverpool player Jamie Redknapp explains: ‘You get up there and you look down and you just think, “I can’t do this”.’

The show is hosted by another comedian, James Corden plus guests Peter Crouch and Phil Jupitus.

After watching the competitors do their dive, Corden comments that it looks like a terrifying challenge, to which Bishop quips: ‘It was terrifying on a number of levels. One it’s very high, two I’ve got to take my robe off next to Tom Daley and Jamie Redknapp.

Diving in: Tom Daley with Jamie Redknapp and John Bishop at a swimming pool in Plymouth where the Commonwealth champion trained the duo for a TV challenge