Top Gear producer doesn’t want to press charges

The Top Gear producer who was hit by Jeremy Clarkson is refusing to press charges.

The BBC producer smacked by Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, told police he does not want to press charges as the Top Gear set was packed up, perhaps for the final time.

Oisin Tymon spoke to North Yorkshire Police last night after the force started to investigate the late night ‘fracas’ over a steak dinner that led to the presenter being fired.

Mr Clarkson has not been interviewed but officers asked to speak to Mr Tymon to see if he would like the presenter prosecuted for punching him, and he said no.


Boxes of equipment have been piled up close to a Top Gear classic car
The Top Gear set has been packed up


It came as new pictures revealed that the BBC started packing away the Top Gear set in Surrey just after the corporation announced the presenter’s sacking on Wednesday.