TOWIE’s Charlie King reveals he’s gay

TOWIE star Charlie King has come out as gay.

The Only Way Is Essex star revealed the news on This Morning.

Speaking to Amanda Holden and Phillip Schofield, King said that his decision to come out had been long in the making.

“It’s been a long time coming. For the last few months I’ve been sitting on the fence about it,” said King. “I feel that I’m ready now. Even though I’m nervous sitting here, I know that the time is now.”

King, went on to say that the ITVBe programme focused on his relationship with Bobby Norris because he himself wasn’t sure where he belonged.

“The Only Way Is Essex followed that story line about that subject because I never really knew where I belonged or knew where I fitted in,” he added.

“It was something that I had to address. It’s taken me a good few years to get here now and be able to say, ‘I’m Charlie, I’m 29 years old and I’m a gay man’, and I’m very comfortable with that.

“Internally, I’m struggling a little bit. I don’t really know where I belong,” he explained. “I’ve not had many relationships, I seem to be more comfortable around gay people, hence why I had a very good relationship with Bobby, and my best friend in my life away from TOWIE is gay.”

Speaking about his family’s reaction, he said: “My mum has seen that I’ve struggled for a few years. I was really badly bullied at school. She wanted to see me happy.

“Wherever I came to in my life, she just wants to see her son proud of who he is and happy in his own skin.”

King added that meeting someone over the summer was a turning point for him.

“It was a massive moment for me, because for the first time I felt a connection with someone that I felt intrigued to get to know more about them… This is the start of a new life.”

This Morning was honouring National Coming Out Day, which celebrates both public figures and celebrities who openly identify as LGBTQ and their allies.