TOWIE’s Jess and Lauren end their friendship

TOWIE’s Jessica Wright and Lauren Goodger end their friendship after a huge row at Mario’s party

The tension between them has been mounting for weeks so it was only a matter of time before it all came to a head.

Unfortunately for Jessica Wright and Lauren Goodger, the cameras were watching when that moment happened – and it wasn’t pretty.

The two girls finally called time on their friendship after they got into a huge row at a party to celebrate fellow TOWIE star Mario Falcone’s birthday.

Trying to clear the air: TOWIE's Lauren Goodger goes to talk to Jessica Wright after their recent rows on the last episode of this series of the reality TV show

And even though both probably wanted to sort things out and move on, it wasn’t meant to be as the claws came out and insults flew.

The girls were guests at the party, which had an ‘M’ theme, and had avoided each other, with both telling their friends that they were just there to have a good time.

But when Lauren’s good friend Frankie Essex encouraged her to go and talk to Jess, she agreed, but then things started to go downhill very quickly before the girls finally called time on their friendship.

The girls rowed on February 19 after the tanning entrepreneur accused Jess and her family of ruining their relationship with her brother Mark.

Lauren was reported to have claimed if it wasn’t for his family, she would still have a future with Mark.

On the show, Frankie was seen talking to Lauren at the party and asking her if she’d seen Jessica since they rowed.

Lauren said: ‘It’s weird for me because I feel like I’ve known her for so long but she’s a complete stranger to me now.’

Frankie added: ‘I feel awkward because I’m in the middle of it but think it’s best you speak now, because you’ll leave it and leave it but you’ll see each other again and it’ll be tense. You have an opportunity to talk to her tonight.’

Lauren agreed and said: ‘Yeah, this is closure, want out of that family and need to be the Lauren I was before all this.’

... and argued back that all she's ever done is stick up for her

The cameras then turned to Jessica who was sitting with sisters Sam and Billie Faiers who asked her if she’d seen Lauren.

Jessica said: ‘I don’t want any drama, I don’t want to talk to Lauren. I don’t need any more dramas in my life. Let’s ignore it and have a good time.’

And things weren’t helped when TOWIE newcomer Ricky Rayment flirted with Jessica and then kissed her, after he’d flirted with Lauren at her salon.

As they kissed, Lauren looked on and said: ‘This is quite uncomfortable, I don’t like it.

But later, she and and Jessica came face to face as Lauren made her way over to where she was standing with Billie and Sam, who walked away but watched from a safe distance.

Lauren said: ‘Obviously, what has happened between us is awful and upsetting and hard for me seeing how long I’ve known you.

Who do you think you are? Jessica accused Lauren of always having an issue with her since they first met 15 years ago

‘But there’s a lot going on here and I feel – are you listening to me? It is weird and I’ve come here because I feel uncomfortable and…’

Jessica interrupted and said: ‘How do you think i feel? I dunno what to say if I’m honest. I’m seriously drained by all this, you know how much I’ve stood by you.’

Lauren retorted: ‘The fact is, you haven’t. You didn’t even text me when my shop blew up.’

But Jessica looked affronted and even when she said she sent her a BBM message on her BlackBerry, Lauren denied it which resulted in Jessica calling her a liar.

It then started to get more heated as their friends moved in closer and Jessica told Lauren: ‘I introduced you into my friends when i was 15 and you’ve always had an issue with me. I’m not interested, stay away from my family.’

Lauren answered: ‘Say sorry for once in your life and grow up.’

Frankie the tried to get involved and told them both: ‘Come on, what are you doing, you’ve know each other for so many years.’

Looking angry and indignant and close to tears, Jessica told Lauren before walking out: ‘ l love you and care for you and all you do is throw it in my face. I don’t want to know anymore, don’t want it in my life, I want to go home.’