Tulisa Axes X-Factor group coz they’re too POSH…

Is there no end to X Factor controversy? Apparently not. And we LOVE it….

We already knew Tulisa axed a group at judges’ houses stage due to x-rated romping.

Reports today claim Tulisa dumped Chasing Keys because of their privileged background. Pardon?


Three out of the five – Rohan Kapoor, Nick Jackson and Dan Lipman – went to an expensive school and so couldn’t quite carry off being ‘street’ apparently.

A source told the Sun: “She gave them the impression she saw them as toffs trying to be street rappers.  The Keys are convinced that’s why Tulisa didn’t pick them.

“It smacked to them of a decision based on a difference in their social backgrounds rather than their ability to sing.”

An ITV1 insider says there’s “no truth” in that claim.

Charlie Healy got a lifeline when Tulisa moved him into another group: The Risk.

What with an X Factor finalist quitting, Kitty’s claims and tons of other scandals, we cannot wait to see what happens when we get to the live shows. Bring. It. On.