Unfinished business: Tom Odell returns to T in the Park

Tom Odell treated the T in the Park crowd to the performance they should have had two years ago after an unfortunate chest infection in 2014 left him unable to perform.
“I was here two years ago with a chest infection. I’d cancelled a support show with Rolling Stones a few days before, then I came to T and I tried to sing. I only managed two songs before my voice gave up. But the crowd sang, which was amazing,” explained Tom.
“So I do feel I have unfinished business with T In The Park. And having played a lot of shows at King Tut’s in Glasgow, which is always brilliant, I want to do the best I can.
“We all love playing in Scotland, they are one of the best crowds in the world, and we all genuinely mean that.
“There’s an abandon to Scottish crowds. They just want to have a good time.”