Update: Jury shown photo of Michael Jackson’s naked dead body

Jury shown photo of Michael Jackson’s naked dead body and hear how daughter Paris sobbed about being an orphan

Michael Jackson’s heartbroken daughter lashed out at Dr Conrad Murray for failing to save her father’s life, jurors heard today as they again saw a photo of the pop stars dead body.

The King of Pop’s three children ‘cried and cried and cried’ after being told their father was dead.

His daughter, Paris, now 13, told Murray, her father’s personal doctor: ‘I will wake up in the morning and I won’t be able to see my daddy.’

According to the 58-year-old cardiologist, she said: ‘Dr Murray, you said you save a lot of patients. You know, you save people with heart attacks, and you couldn’t save my dad.’

Paris’s anguish was revealed in an interview Murray gave to detectives two days after Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009.

The court saw a photograph of the painfully thin star taken before an autopsy was carried out on his body the day after his death. It was the second time the jury has seen a photo of the dead star after a picture was displayed on the opening day of the trial.

Jackson’s mother, Katherine, who flew back to Los Angeles from the weekend tribute to her son in Wales, left the courtroom before the disturbing image was shown on a screen.

Dr Christopher Rogers, Los Angeles Deputy Medical Examiner, said the 5 ft 9 ins tall singer was comparatively fit when he died.

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A coroner's photo of Jackson's naked body, with his genitals blacked out, was shown to jurors as they heard he was relatively fit for his age, but had many puncture wounds on his arms and legs from injections

‘He was healthier than the average person of his age,’ said Dr Rogers, who added there was no sign of any fat or cholesterol on the walls of Jackson’s heart.

He ruled the cause of death was homicide as a result of acute Propofol intoxication, the court heard.

Dr Rogers dismissed Murray’s claims that the singer took a deadly dose of Propofol himself while the doctor left his bedside for two minutes to go to the toilet.

He suggested it was too short a time for Jackson to be able to self-administer the drug and for it take sufficient effect to stop his breathing.

He said Murray had no equipment to help deliver the correct amount of Propofol to help Jackson sleep.

‘It would be easy for the doctor to estimate wrongly and give too much Propofol,’ he added.

Murray, who has pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter, is not expected to testify at the trial at Los Angeles Superior Court, but the recording means jurors at least got to hear his side of the story.

Before Rogers the last 45 minutes of the two-hour tape was played in the hushed courtroom on Tuesday.

Murray told police Jackson’s children ‘really were weeping, really weeping’ when they were told that doctors at UCLA Medical Centre in Los Angeles had been unable to revive their 50-year-old father.

‘I hugged them all, gave comfort to Paris, comfort to Prince, comfort to Blanket, which is the last little guy, because whenever they were sick, they would always ask for Dr Conrad,’ he said.

After they cried and cried and cried, then his daughter uttered a lot of words of unhappiness and, you know, she will live alone without her dad and she didn’t want to be an orphan.

‘I said, ‘I tried my best.’ And she said, “I know that, Dr Murray. At least I know. I know you tried your best, but I’m really sad”.’

Murray said he arranged for the children to see their father’s body so they could ‘find closure.’

‘I asked them to prepare Mr Jackson’s body to make it as presentable as possible so the children could visit their daddy,’ he added. ‘They spent a long time with their daddy. They cried.’

By this time, he said Jackson’s siblings LaToya and Jermaine had arrived at the hospital.

Earlier, he said he broke the news of the tragedy to the star’s mother, Katherine. ‘She broke down weeping,’ he said, adding that he stayed holding her hand.

Murray said he couldn’t explain Jackson’s death to other Jackson family members gathered at the hospital.

Murray said all three of Jackson's children spent time with his dead body at the hospital. But father Joe Jackson did not come to the hospital after Michael's death

(Murray said all three of Jackson’s children spent time with his dead body at the hospital and wept profusely. But father Joe Jackson did not come to the hospital after Michael’s death)

‘Do you know why he died?’ one of them asked, according to Murray.

‘My answer was no and that’s the reason why I was recommending to the family to have an autopsy, because I also wanted to know,’ he told the detectives in the meeting at the plush Ritz Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Ray, California.

Prosecutors say Murray caused Jackson’s death by giving him a lethal dose of the powerful anaesthetic Propofol, which should only be used in a hospital setting.

In the interview, Murray admitted for the first time that he gave the star Propofol, telling police he had been administering the drug almost daily for the previous two months.

Murray claimed he was out of Jackson’s bedroom for just two minutes to go to the toilet when he returned to find his patient had stopped breathing. He made no mention of the fact that he was on the phone to a girlfriend when he discovered Jackson dying in his bed.

Murray insisted the performer was begging him to help him rest after trying in vain to get to sleep for more than eight hours the night before he died.

‘I’ve got to sleep, Dr Conrad,’ Murray said Jackson pleaded. ‘I have these rehearsals to perform. I must be ready for the show in England. Tomorrow, I will have to cancel my performance because you know I can’t function if I don’t get to sleep.’

Although he claimed he had been trying to wean Jackson off Propofol, Murray said he relented and gave Jackson some of his ‘milk.’

‘I did not want him to fail. I had no intentions of hurting him. And I was compassionate,’ Murray said in the recording.

He also claimed the star’s eyesight was so bad that he could have been ‘legally blind’ and said he removed calluses and a fungal infection on the entertainer’s feet that made it painful for him to dance.

The case continues.