WATCH: Example talks about new single ’10 Million People’

Example has premiered his new music video online.

’10 Milion People’ is the latest single to be lifted from the rapper and singer’s album Live Life Living and will be released on October 5.

Example explained that the song was inspired by a documentary on rave culture.

“’10 Million People’ was written after watching a documentary on early 90s rave culture. I found this video online where they were interviewing people at an illegal rave,” he said.

“The guy with the microphone said to one of the revellers, ‘Surely this whole rave thing is just a fad’. And the raver replied, ‘Well 10 million people can’t be wrong’.”

“I wrote and produced the track in a day with Fraser T Smith. It’s my favourite song on the album and feels timeless for me. Right at the last minute I went back in and added a rap at the start, just like I did on last single ‘One More Day’.”