WATCH: First trailer for Peanuts Movie feat. Snoopy & Charlie Brown

The first trailer for The Peanuts Movie, featuring Snoopy and Charlie Brown has been released.

A host of characters from the original comic strip and from the well-known Peanuts TV movies appeared in the two-minute video, released 10 days earlier than originally planned by distributor Fox Family Entertainment.

This new version features computer-graphics animation and will be released in 3D, and unlike many reboots, however, this one is likely to stay true to its source material.

The trailer begins with Snoopy asleep on top of his doghouse while Woodstock and his bird buddies show up to decorate for Christmas.


Wake-up call: In the trailer, Snoopy was asleep before Woodstock decided to liven things up


This activity eventually woke the beagle, who dealt with it by becoming the World War I Flying Ace and zooming off to Paris.

Snoopy’s in-flight nemesis, the notorious Red Baron, caused some trouble for the Ace around the Eiffel Tower, a dangerous situation that brought Snoopy back to earth with a thud.

After a brief shot of the movie’s title card, the scene changed to a crowded movie theater full of Peanuts characters.


The Peanuts Movie marks the first time the cartoon-strip characters created by Charles M. Schulz will be on the big screen.

Their previous films – including A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) and It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966) – aired as television specials.

Craig and Bryan Schulz, the son and grandson of the Peanuts creator – who died in 2000 – wrote the script with Cornelius Uliano and told the Washington Post that their goal was to honour the original work.