Weiss: “If anyone is to blame for me not returning to Rangers, it’s Ally”

Vladimir Weiss is on the verge of agreeing a deal to take him to the Ukraine.

But his heart belongs to Glasgow.

Dynamo Kiev have swooped to offer the Slovakia star a bumper four-year deal to quit Manchester City.

And Weiss expects to put pen to paper today.

The 21-year-old knows it’s a fantastic opportunity to further his career – and that he SHOULD be excited.


But deep down the winger is gutted Ally McCoist hasn’t offered him a return to Ibrox.

Wide-boy Weiss spent last season on loan with Walter Smith’s side and was convinced McCoist wanted to sign him in a permanent deal.

But nothing materialised – leaving him devastated.

Weiss told SunSport: “Kiev are a big team with a good manager and good players.

“If that’s where I end up then it’ll be good. The offer they’ve given me is a great offer so it could be a good step for my career.

“It’s not 100 per cent yet, my lawyer’s still looking over a few things before I sign.

“Roberto Martinez has also tried to get me to join Wigan on loan. He’s a great manager and it would be an honour to work with him.

“But right now, as things stand, it looks like Kiev.

“Part of me is really excited because it’s a big move.

“I’ve been at Man City for too long and need a change of club. But a big part of me is disappointed because I’m not going back to Glasgow to sign for Rangers.

“If I go to Kiev I’ll do my best to win the league there and be one of the best players. But hopefully in the future I’ll go back to the Premier League in England or somewhere else. I am just disappointed I’m not heading back to Rangers now.”

Weiss is gutted McCoist hasn’t swooped to get him.

He’s spent the summer clutching his phone waiting for it to ring. And now that it hasn’t, he has been left sore and bitterly disappointed.

Weiss added: “If anyone is to blame for me not returning to Rangers, it’s Ally.

“I wanted to sign again, I think everyone knows that.

“I have a lot of feelings for the club and it was my dream that I’d pull on that shirt again. It wasn’t to be.

“Am I disappointed with Ally? I am a little bit, yeah. I think he could’ve done more to try and get me. When I was leaving the club in the summer he told me to my face he wanted to buy me.

“But he didn’t try, not really. He didn’t do anything to get me to Rangers and for me it’s so disappointing.

“Listen, that’s his choice, he’s the manager and I have nothing but respect for him.

“I might not get the chance to play for the club again while he is the manager but I’ll still be following Rangers and supporting the club.

“I’ll watch the games when I can and look out for the results. I still hope the team does well and wins the league again without me. Hopefully at some time in the future I’ll get another chance to wear the Rangers shirt.

“I want to play at Ibrox again. But if I’m honest, as long as Ally is the manager I don’t think that is going to happen. He just didn’t want me, I have to accept that.”

Weiss has been on big money at Man City and Rangers are hardly flush with cash right now.

New Ibrox owner Craig Whyte promised significant transfer funds would be made available. But McCoist has still had to work hard to make his budget stretch as far as possible. He clearly feels he can get better value elsewhere rather than offering Weiss a return.

But the straight-talking Slovakian can’t believe Spanish wide-man Juan Manuel Ortiz has been given a deal when he’s been ignored.

Ortiz has undoubtedly failed to impress. But he cost just £300,000 which is a fraction of what it would have taken to land Weiss.

That hasn’t stopped the wee fella venting his fury.

He’s got it into his head McCoist doesn’t rate him because of his final ball.

Weiss rapped: “I don’t think money has anything to do with it. It’s not the reason. Ally spent money on the player Ortiz. I’ve only seen him play one game but if he’s happy with him then okay, that’s up to him.

“Listen, someone told me Ally said I didn’t have an end product. I’m not going to say who told me, but they told me.

“Well, I missed a few games last season because of injury.

“But if you look at the stats I provided the most assists in the SPL. I just don’t know why he said that, but it’s his opinion.

“He just didn’t want me there and I respect that – it’s just so disappointing.”

That disappointment is shared by a lot of Gers fans. Internet messageboards and phone-ins have been chock-a-block with punters demanding McCoist swoop for Weiss before it’s too late. This is a player who sat amongst them last season when he wasn’t on the pitch. Someone who played for the jersey.

Weiss added: “I have great memories from my time at the club. So far in my career it was the best season I’ve had.

“The fans loved me and I loved the fans.

“There was not one bad thing about my time there.

“I just wanted to go back there and have more good times – but it’s not going to happen.”