Willie skips out of the Jungle

Willie Carson is the latest celebrity to leave the I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here jungle.

The Scottish star was feeling rather hungover and looked quite pleased as Ant and Dec called his name out.

The former jockey had managed 20 days in the jungle, and considering he thought he’d be one of the first two to be voted out, he did pretty well.

As he hugged the rest of the group goodbye and ran across the bridge, Ant and Dec told him that they’d really been looking forward to interviewing him.

The pair greeted him with a glass of champagne, but Willie laughed, saying: ‘Jeez, I ahven’t got over the last one yet!’

He was of course referring to his night in the hot tub with Peter Andre where he got quite tipsy on the bubbly drink.

Willie picked up the glass of water instead and told Ant and Dec that being in the jungle was harder than what he’d imagined.

‘Not having the outside world was hard, but I didn’t mind the conditions,’ he told them.

‘It was not getting the food, and then having to do things and get in trouble that was hard.’

The pair then went on to talk to Willie about the various trials and challenges that he had undertaken during his time in the jungle.

They told him that the Bed Bugs challenge – which saw him flick some crickets – had caused a ‘bit of a storm’ in the UK.

‘No animals were hurt in the making of that film,’ he said defending himself.

But the conversation moved swiftly on to Willie’s role as Camp Prince.

‘I was a bit surprised that I was nominated,’ he said.

‘I think it’s because I’m old. I didn’t enjoy doing nothing though as I like to get my hands dirty.

‘Both Lorraine and Crissy were my favourite princesses.’

The pair then moved on to the more touchy subject of the Camp Traitors, were Willie told them he still hadn’t forgotten about it.

‘The didn’t wash with me,’ he said. ‘Dishonesty was shown to be worthwhile and I didn’t like it.

‘If you’re dishonest, you should be punished – not the other way round.’

Willie finished his interview by saying that he wants all of the contestants to win the show, and as he gave in and took a sip of champagne, he crossed the bridge where he was reunited with his wife, Elaine.