Wretch 32 hits No1

London rapper Wretch 32 has stormed to the top of the UK chart with his new single.

The 26-year-old from Tottenham followed the lead of Dizzee Rascal by crossing over from the grime scene to reach No 1 with Don’t Go featuring Josh Kumra, the third track to come from his album Black and White.

The artist, whose real name is Jermaine Scott and who is the son of a reggae DJ, said: ”To be honest, if someone told me this was going to happen this time last year, I probably would have laughed. I would have thought they were winding me up.”

Scott, who still lives on the Tiverton Estate in Tottenham, talked to the Standard in the aftermath of the riots, when he flew home from a concert in Northern Ireland to find devastation.

He said: ”It looks bad, man. It looks really, really bad. It’s like something out of one of those films where it’s the last day on earth and everybody’s died.

“This whole situation is very difficult for me because I understand the frustration but I