X Factor: Chris Maloney considers quitting show after producer blasts him


X Factor's Chris Maloney
X Factor's Chris Maloney


Christopher Maloney was voted back into this years X Factor competition via a public wildcard vote, however his reported antics backstage have made him less than popular, especially among show bosses, with the 34-year-old reportedly close to quitting.

The Scouser was on the receiving end of a foul mouthed rant from an under pressure show boss who called his behaviour ‘f*****g unacceptable’,¬†after turning up late yet again to rehearsals.

Chris was hauled to one side and screamed at by executive producer Mark Sidaway who, according to reports, lost the plot as he erupted.

The aggressive conflict comes days after rumours spread that Maloney has become a figure of hate on the show because he is still in the programme.


Onlookers said that Maloney was close to tears after the telling off and considered quitting the show because of the ongoing battles he faces.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “This rant from Mark Sidaway was totally unfair.

“Chris walked in a few minutes late and he was swearing and being aggressive.”

The embarrassing dressing down wasn’t the only thing that pushed Chris to the edge as he was also banned from seeing his family and friends before Sunday’s show.

The source added: “It hurt him and made him consider if he should carry on. Others are late and nothing is said.”

According to The Sun, this is the fourth time that Chris has been late for rehearsals and his poor time keeping delayed fellow contestants by over an hour.

“Chris is one of the most disliked contestants backstage because of the way he treats the production crew and other performers,” a source told the newspaper.