X Factor: Mason Noise will replace Tom Bleasby

Mason Noise will return to replace departing contestant Tom Bleasby on The X Factor.

Nick Grimshaw confirmed the news this morning on Radio 1.

On his breakfast show, the host and Boys’ category judge said of Bleasby’s decision to quit: “That left us with the decision of what to do. Do we go to Judges’ Houses tomorrow with five boys, or do we bring one back?

“So we decided, and I spoke to the boy [in question] last night, we’re bringing one back. I rang him last night and I spoke to him about it.

“It had to be Mason. I’m bringing back Mason Noise. I just thought he was exciting.”

 When asked about how Simon Cowell would react, Grimshaw hesitantly said: “I don’t… sure, why not?

“If he kicked off and wasn’t talented, he’d be out the door. But he can really, really sing, and he’s a performer and an entertainer, and for me, as a judge, he is someone who knows who they are.

“I called him last night and said, ‘Let’s not talk about what happened. It happened and let’s just get on with it. Let’s have no more of that and just focus on the music’.

He then joked about Noise’s accusation over screen time: “I’m actually going to edit the show for him. We’re not going to pander to him. We’ll see how he does at Judges’ Houses tomorrow.”