“X Factor turned me into a karaoke singer” blasts Janet

X Factor turned me into a karaoke singer

Axed singer Janet Devlin lashes out at show bosses following her exit

Puppet show: Janet Devlin appeared on the Lorraine Kelly Show where she lashed out at the X Factor saying it turned her into a karaoke singer

It’s only been a day since she was voted off the X Factor but Janet Devlin has already turned on the show saying it turned her into a karaoke singer.

The 17-year-old lost out to fellow singer Misha B last night, but said she could have gone further if she’d have been a ‘puppet’ and done exactly what she was told.

Janet lashed out at the show during an appearance on the Lorraine Kelly Show this morning.

She told the chat show host: ‘To me the sad thing about X Factor — and it’s brought me down a lot — is the fact that I’ve just been covering other people’s songs.

‘It got to the point where I felt like a karaoke artist every Saturday night.’

And she reiterated that despite being told the opposite she stuck to her guns to avoid being a ‘puppet’.

She said: ‘From the start of the show I wanted to be myself and I didn’t really care, in the sense that I just did what was me. I could have been a puppet and done a lot better but why would I do that?’

Her rendition of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ infamous 1992 hit, Under The Bridge also put the X Factor at the centre of a new drugs scandal.

Viewers have protested over the flame-haired singer’s song choice for her performance during the live results show.

The song which includes troubling lyrics about heroin needles drawing blood.Controversial: Janet Devlin, who lost her place on the X Factor last night, has come under fire for her song choice

The song- which is about ex-addict Anthony Kiedis, 49, shooting up- has been slammed as an ‘irresponsible’ choice by children’s charities and anti-drugs groups.

The Sun reports that Claude Knights of child protection charity Kidscape complained: ‘The X Factor is a family show and this was a disturbing and irresponsible song choice.’

Drug charity Focus 12, which offers counseling to  addicts, has reportedly labelled the decision tasteless for a purportedly family-friendly show.

‘The producers of The X Factor have a moral and social responsibility to the millions of children and teenagers who tune in,’ raged head Chip Somers.

‘They should be smarter about song choices, particularly given recent events on the show. The recent demise of Amy Winehouse should have shown us all how tragic drug and alcohol abuse is.’

‘It is not something that should be taken lightly.’

According to The Sun an ITV spokesman has responded to the outcry: ‘We won’t know if we have any complaints about this until Monday.’