X Factor’s Frankie Cocozza at it again

X Factor’s Frankie Cocozza stuns viewers with crude description of one night stand with Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan….

'I met her... I banged her': Frankie Cocozza stunned The Xtra Factor viewers with his crude description of his one night stand with Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan

He’s quickly making a name for himself as the bad boy on this year’s X Factor, with even mentor Gary Barlow admitting he ‘can’t be tamed’.

But last night Frankie Cocozza, 18, took his obtrusive attitude too far on The Xtra Factor as he described his one night stand with Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan.

Asked by hosts Caroline Flack and Olly Murs what had happened with reality TV star Holly, Frankie crudely replied: ‘I met her… I banged her’.

Realising he may have pushed the boundaries on the ITV2 show with the comment, Frankie put his hand to his mouth and said: ‘Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.’

With his fellow X Factor contestants Craig Colton and Marcus Collins looking shocked by Frankie’s comment, Caroline and Olly told Frankie: ‘You can’t say that!’

Frankie later took to his Twitter page to apologise for the comments, which were aired around 10pm.

He tweeted: ‘So sorry for my comment on xtra factor I really am, it just slipped out. Enjoyed every moment up on that stage #happybunny.’

Romance: Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan, with whom Frankie enjoyed a brief dalliance(LEFT: Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan)

Frankie later added: ‘Seriously sorry again.. I’m sorry for being honest and being myself.’

After he was told off by Caroline and Olly for his comments, the presenters asked Frankie if Holly was his girlfriend, to which Frankie replied a firm No.

Asked if he would be seeing her again, Frankie said: ‘Probably not!’

It’s not the first time Frankie has caused controversy on the show, as last week bosses were forced to apologise after he swore during the ITV1 live programme.

The teenage wannabe uttered the expletive towards the end of Sunday night’s results show when he was told he was through to another week in the ITV talent competition.

As Sami Brookes and Kitty Brucknell were left in the bottom two, tousle-haired Cocozza, 18, jumped around the stage before embracing his mentor, Gary Barlow, and yelling: ‘F*****g have it, get in there.

An X Factor spokeswoman said: ‘Emotions were running high during the live show and we apologise if any potentially offensive language was audible.

‘All the contestants are reminded of their responsibilities regarding language on the live shows.’