YouTube to help aspiring artists

YouTube is introducing a new tool to help aspiring musicians kickstart their career.

The video-sharing service’s new YouTube for Artists site offers a range of ways for aspiring singers to expand their music’s reach.

The likes of Conor Maynard, Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson, have already become worldwide stars after being discovered on the video sharing site.

The scheme makes it easier for musicians to connect with fans and provides promotional programmes to help them get discovered and grow.

There’s also advice on how to make money through your music, by advertising shows or merchandise within videos, as well as Fan Funding.

The Google-owned platform is giving users access to a data tool too, such as where viewers are located at city level so they can release videos within the best timezone.

“Success on YouTube leads to greater overall success as an artist, and on YouTube for Artists you can learn about all the current programmes we have to make that happen,” YouTube wrote on its Creator Blog.

“That includes getting your YouTube views to lead to charting on Billboard, airtime on SiriusXM and NRJ in France, and free production resources at our YouTube Space locations around the world.”