Alexander Burke shows off her sexy new look

Alexandra Burke has unveiled a racy new image in a raunchy shoot for LOOK magazine after embarking on a new fitness regime.

And endearingly, the 23-year-old singer admits that, like so many of us, she has relied on some celebrity-inspiration in her bid to perfect her figure.

In an interview with the magazine, Alexandra reveals that she started working out in January: ‘I saw pictures of Myleene Klass in Barbados over Christmas and I was like: “Oh my God! How is she looking that good?” So I started doing loads of classes at the gym,’ she says.

‘I was a size 10, but now I’m an 8-10 and my arms, legs and bum have lifted,’ the Bad Boys singer says. I genuinely feel great now.’

Speculation has been rife this week about a possible romance between the X Factor 2009 winner and footballer Jermaine Defoe after she tweeted a flirtatious message on Twitter.

Despite being a Manchester United fan, Alexandra tweeted: ‘Gwarn Defoe,’ adding a ‘wink’ smile emoticon and a love heart.

Busty: The 23-year-old lounges in an embellished midriff top and skirt
The 23-year-old lounges in an embellished midriff top and skirt

During her LOOK interview, Alexandra discusses her relationship with Marcus Anthony, admitting that their long-distance romance is ‘very hard.’

Hinting that all is not rosy, she says: ‘We’re still dating exclusively, but long-distance love is very hard. He’s in America and I haven’t seen him for a couple of months. because we’re both so busy.’

‘It’s not easy at all, but the more you dwell on it the more it gets to you. Skype is brilliant, though.’

Despite the hardship of long-distance love, Miss Burke says she trusts her man ‘100 per cent,’ even though she knows girls try to chat him up.

Alexandra insists it rarely happens with her, but admits that she caught the eye of one high-profile admirer recently: ‘It was someone famous a couple of weeks ago,’ she says. ‘He’s in the music business, but I can’t say who it is as I’ll get him into trouble.’

She’s even got babies on the brain. Discussing her new, seven-bedroom home, Alexandra reveals that she has already planned her future children’s bedrooms.

Alexandra Burke for LOOK Magazine

‘Buying my house last August was massively out of my comfort zone,’ she says. ‘It’s a seven-bedroom property in Hertfordshire.

‘I’m making a studio and building a gym. I’ll have kids in this house. I already know where their rooms will be and this artist is going to paint a big nursery mural – in years to come though.

‘I’d love to have a family before I’m 30. I’m the girl who wanted kids at 16, because I just love them. I’ve always been very vocal about having kids one day and wanting to adopt.

In her interview Alexandra also defends herself against critics of her outspoken X Factor judging stint last year, when she stood in for Kelly Rowland.

‘I gave constructive criticism and no one seemed to realise I wasn’t being harsh, I was just being me,’ she says. ‘If I’d sat there and kept my mouth shut, I’d have been criticised.

‘It was a catch 22 situation. When I watched it back, I was like: “What did I say that was really rude and what comments do I regret saying?” There was nothing.’

Asked if she wants to be a permanent judge on the talent show, she reveals: ‘I would if the opportunity came up, but I’m not going to force it. I’d have to be asked to do it – I wouldn’t call Simon and say: “Oh please can I have the job?” I’m not bothered by rejection, I just feel like he knows what he’s doing. He knows who he needs in those seats.’