Caggie and Spencer FINALLY get together

There will-they, won’t-they romance has kept viewers going throughout two series of Made In Chelsea.

And just in time for Christmas, Caggie Dunlop and Spencer Matthews finally got together in a Made In Chelsea special last night.

After a few kisses in Series 1, Caggie and Spencer ended up spending the night together during a pre-Christmas break to Finland.

And once back in Chelsea, it was quite evident to all their friends they were an official item.

Despite deciding to remain ‘just friends’ in Series 2, Caggie admitted once the pressure was off, she was finally able to let herself fall for Spencer.

Spencer headed to Finland with Hugo Taylor, Rosie Fortescue, Victoria Baker-Harber, Louise Thompson and Jamie Laing.

He had invited Caggie, but she declined, citing loyalty to best friend Millie Mackintosh, who was still smarting over the revelations in Series 2 that her ex Hugo had ‘hooked up’ with Rosie while they were still dating.

love is in the air

However after Spencer called Caggie from Finland to say how much he was missing her – as a friend apparently – the aspiring singer decided to surprise him.

But her arrival didn’t go too well with Victoria, who blamed Caggie for causing all the drama and ill-feeling between the group of friends because she was the one who told Millie about Hugo and Rosie.

But after Caggie defended her corner, insisting she told Millie to stop her from reuniting with Hugo, it wasn’t long before attention turned to her relationship with Spencer.

As the couple had been all over each other since Caggie arrived in Finland the previous night, Jamie asked her friends what had been their highlight of 2011.

Surprise! Caggie turns up in Finland to surprise SpencerA smug Spencer declared: ‘Last night was pretty good’.

Their over-excited friends asked: ‘Did you hook up?’ to which a bashful Caggie and Spencer nodded.

Once back in Chelsea, Caggie was grilled over the trip by Millie and her cousin Alice.

She giggled: ‘Something might have happened in Finland with Spencer… something did happen.

‘Once we established we were just friends, the pressure was off. When I got there, I was really happy to see him.’

And Spencer was equally excited when discussing their romance with his friends.


He said: ‘Our relationship is fairly complicated. I’m not gonna put any pressure on her at all… It was the best holiday ever.’

As they went public at friend Jamie’s Christmas party, they spoke about being separated for the holidays, with Caggie going to Australia for three weeks with ex-boyfriend Proudlock.

Caggie’s cousin Alice, who had been dumped by Proudlock after a short romance, sowed seeds of doubt in Spencer’s head by admitting she thought Proudlock still had feelings for Caggie.

However, Caggie assured Spencer they were just friends.

A gushing Spencer told her: ‘I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m gonna really miss you when you go away.’

Caggie mused: ‘I don’t think we’re going to (hook up with Proudlock)… In fact I know we’re not going to.’

The party also brought together friends-turned-foes Millie and Rosie.

After Hugo had admitted the previous night that he had only shared a kiss with Rosie and she had stopped things from going any further, Millie looked like she was in a forgiving mood.

Second chances: Millie Mackintosh listens to Rosie's apology at Jamie's Christmas party

Rosie approached the make-up artist at the bash and was finally ready to speak about what happened after weeks of staying silent.

Rosie told her: ‘I just wanted to say sorry, I truly am sorry. Please don’t cry…’

Millie replied: ‘I’ve wanted to hear that for so long. I lost both of you in one night… I’m sorry for not talking to you first. It was a knee-jerk reaction at the time.’

A grateful Rosie said: ‘I’m so happy you’ve given me the time.’

Millie added: ‘Hugo explained the circumstances. I just want to leave it behind.

‘Everyone deserves a second chance. I know it must have take a lot to come and speak to me.’

She then offers a olive branch by holding hands with Rosie, before the pair join all their friends outside.

Friends again: Millie and Rosie stand together as they join Caggie outside for the party's faux snow finale

Also at the party, Jamie spoke about his growing feelings for Louise, who he had apparently grown close to again in Finland.

Taking her outside, he said: ‘You’ve become really special to me. I’ve never asked anyone out before… I wanna hang out with you everyday.’

And Edinburgh University student Louise obviously felt the same: ‘You mean a lot to me as well.’