Rihanna lets rip on Twitter following racist abuse

Eventful weekend: Rihanna, pictured on stage in Lisbon on Saturday night, was allegedly racially abused in her hotelRihanna launched into an angry Twitter tirade after claiming she was racially abused in a Portugal hotel.

The singer, 23, said she was subjected to vitriol by ‘the most racist’ man in Lisbon over the weekend.

Rihanna admitted she shouted back at him, later describing the incident in a series of foul-mouthed tweets.

The singer’s altercation came after she had performed her latest gig on her Loud world tour at the city’s Pavilhão Atlântico.

She wrote: ‘I just met the most racist c**t EVER!!! This man said the craziest s**t about black women – called us dogs, sl**s, we don’t look like s**t, we don’t belong in the same hotels.

‘Needless to say, the #N**** in me came out! Bajan accent and all! Lol! Turns out the hotel manager’s black.

Angry: Rihanna took to her Twitter page after the altercation

‘Oh and he had the NERVE to diss black people in his tighty whitey’s!!!! SMH (shake my head)…and tbh (to be honest) a lil’ black wouldn’t hurt him.’

Rihanna’s hotel clash came after she ended up running off stage after feeling sick on stage.

The Barbadian star dashed off to throw up, but soon returned and carried on singing like nothing had happened.

Her illness has prompted speculation she may be working too hard with his gruelling tour schedule, which has been going on since June.

She explained on Twitter: ‘Portugal tonight was legendary!!! I ran off stage to throw up, halfway thru What’s My Name… made it back juuuust (sic) in time for Rude Boy.’