Cover Drive’s Amanda ‘flattered’ by Rihanna comparisons

Amanda Reifer has said that she is “flattered” to be compared to fellow BajanĀ Rihanna.

The Cover Drive frontwoman toldĀ The Sun that she has no problem with comparisons to her former touring partner.

“There’s definitely something in the water when it comes to Bajan women,” she said.

“I’m so flattered to be compared to Rihanna because she’s real hot. It’s such a compliment.”

She added: “We should do the Booty Olympics and stand in a line to see who wins.

“We could have a shaking part and a standing still category!”

Reifer said of touring with Rihanna: “We got some advice from her and she said to have fun, stay focused and don’t take anything for granted.

“She was like, ‘Guys, you’re doing me so proud. Keep doing it.”