Kate Nash organises charity for victims of London riots

Pop star Kate Nash has been organising a collection for people who lost their homes in the riots.

She’s taken van loads of clothes and other essentials to east and north London, where many people were left with nothing after their homes burned.

She spread the word on Twitter asking people to donate items they could spare.

The first tweet simply said: “Clothes/bedding/kitchenware/books/toys/music anything you can think of!

“These people have lost everything in their homes! Hoxton sq park – 12.”


Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs took part in a clear-up operation in south London earlier this week.

Other stars have also been helping out.

Kate Nash is organising a charity drive for people affected in east and north London and says she just wanted to do something proactive.

“I’d been out before cleaning in Clapham but a lot of the councils have been doing great jobs and the police told us to stay away because the roads are crime scenes,” she continued.

“I read about their being donations at Tottenham leisure centre for the homeless now and so I just tweeted.

“I got such a good turn out I had to go home twice with all the stuff I had in the car, then I thought maybe we should do another one and so we got a van and we got loads more.

“We were there for two hours. People were just coming by, it was busy and such a nice atmosphere. Everyone was being so nice and so lovely.”

‘Wanted to help’

Kate Nash, who released her second album My Best Friend Is You last year, also insisted that she wanted to focus on the positive and get areas affected cleared up.

“I want people to hear how positive it is now in the aftermath of something so horrible,” she said.

Marie Claire MitchellNormal local people like Marie Claire Mitchell also turned out to help


“Everyone’s being really nice to each other and trying to clear this up.

“I care about my city and I’ve lived in London my whole life and I just wanted to help.

“I think that’s why everyone is doing this.”

Kate Nash was joined by dozens of members of the public, who wanted to help out.

Marie Claire Mitchell is 26 and a teacher.

She said: “I heard about this on Twitter and thought I’d pop along because I live close.

“I’ve brought down some spare bedding. I’ve got a few items of clothes, some tins and some phone chargers as well as some make-up for any teenage girls. I know they can’t live without that.”